Saturday, May 2, 2009

Urban Edibles

Over last weekend Earth Tracks ran an 'Urban Edible and Medicinal' Plants class in Toronto. The program was sponsored by the Pine Project and was a great success. We were close to High Park and had a reat opportunity to view some of the many plants that were begining to emerge from the soils after a long winter. Some of the many plants that we got to see and experience were dandelion, garlic mustard, common plantain, Burdock, curly dck, trilliums, blue cohosh, mayapple and many others. It was nic to be able to offer this class in the city and I was very happy to begin offering classes in combination with the Pine Project and look forward to offering many more programs through them in the coming years. The next scheduled program in Toronto will be from June 19-21st -- Wildlife Tracking and Nature Awareness

Enjoy the Spring!

**All Photos by Andrew McMartin (

Drum Making Workshop

On the Weekend of April 18-19th Earth Tracks ran a 'Drum Making Workshop' at the Blue Canoe in South River. Everyone that participated learned a lot about making drums and working with hides and we made 8 new drums for the world. It felt good to facilitate this experience knowing that these people would use these drums in a good way. It is a sacred journey making a drum and I was truly impressed with the passion and enthusiasm that was brought by everyone involved. I'm looking forward to to offering another drum workshop in the fall. Keep an eye on the schedule on our website and feel free to contact me directly if you are interested.
You can also visit our facebook page to see all of the photos from this event

Happy Drumming