Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Maple Syrup Season

Well the syruping season is upon us and spring is on the way, even though we've had quite a cold snap lately. It's been betwen -10 and -18 C the last 4 nights and the sap has stopped running. Our first run lasted over a week and we have roughly 4 gallons of boiled syrup right now. Two weeks ago I tapped 65 trees in our bush and it ran steadily for the next 6-7 days. We built a wood-fired burner with a 10 gallon pan on top. I put a sap bucket over that with a small hole in the bottom of it for the sap to drip into the pan. This way we can maintain a boil with out cooling the pan too much. I have to check it roughly every half hour to 45 minutes and put more sap in the bucket. Works pretty sweet! Pardon the pun. It's a lot of work hauling all of the sap, but well worth it. Spending so much time outside and in the woods at this time of year is great, not to mention the many wildlife and nature sightings that present themselves. It has been nice to have a break the last few days, but I think I'm ready for another boil. I hope we have a good second run and send out a greeting to all those other folks scattered across eastern north America huddled in sugar shacks and carrying on the tradition.

Happy Sugarin'


Monday, March 28, 2011

Traditional Hide Tanning Class April 7-10th 2011

Hey Everyone

We're still looking for a couple o more folks for our bi-annual Hide Tanning class happening in Honeywood in just under two weeks. If you are interested or know anyone who is please let us kno ASAP.

Here's some info below as well as a link to our website.

Traditional Hide Tanning Workshop

tanning Have you ever wanted to make your own brain-tanned buckskin? Or wanted to make beautiful soft leather from the hides of deer and other animals?
We are offering a beginner class in traditional hide tanning to take the participant through the entire process. From where to get materials to tanning hides and what you can do with your newly tanned, soft buckskin. You will learn each step in this process and have the ability to honour these animals by using them in a respectful manner. We will be focusing on tanning deer hides and will guide participants through every stage of this ‘transforming’ process. Working with hides will come naturally to those who wish to learn this ancient method of working and tanning leather. All materials will be provided.

When: April 7-10th & November 3-6th 2011

Where: Sticks and Stones Workshop - Honeywood, near Shelburne, Ontario.
Price: $350, includes all course materials, green hide, tools and materials (bring your own tools if you have them.)
Space to set up your tent for the 3 nights or bring a sleeping pad for the workshop floor style accommodation in the Round House Workshop.
Wholesome Dinners are provided for the Thursday through Sunday. Coffee/tea and good drinking water provided.
Bring your own Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks, Full Kitchen facilities available: fridge/stove wares – Bring your own dishes, fork, spoon, knife, bowl, plate, cup/mug.

Space is limited to 10 students, Don’t wait apply soon.
No Experience is Necessary!

“simply the passion learn”

For more information please contact us at earthtracks@gmail.com or call 519 217 4921